Add Style to Your Setting with Our Beautiful Vases and Decorative Planters

If you like to decorate spaces in your home with unique and delicate decor, then you have come to the right place. At Lovely Vases, we provide a wide range of beautiful vases and decorative French Country planters that feature inspired art with gorgeous detailing to enhance any setting instantly.

Our indoor-outdoor planters can be used with both living and artificial flowers. They are perfect pieces of decor that bring color, freshness and French garden aesthetics.

Endless Options to Choose From

When it comes to styling your space with planters, we offer you endless options to choose from that match your taste and complement your surroundings. From square vintage metal decorative vase and flower pots to rectangular and cylinder shaped decorative planters and metal wall planters, we carry them all in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Our planters look chic and have an artistic vibe. Each item is designed to perfection with seamless finishing and quality art and are affordably priced. These decorative planters are ideal for a variety of settings such as bedrooms, living areas, gardens, patios, decks, balconies, cabins, nurseries, kitchens, and cottages.

To add charisma to your setting with something unique and attention-grabbing, we offer teacup planters. Featuring a drain hole in the bottom, these teacup planters look exquisite and can be used to grow little flowers and plants and add greenery to your space. These teacups planters feature mesmerizing artwork such as pink flamingo teacup planter, lavender teacup planter, and peacock feather planter.  Explore our range of bamboo, coiled rope, metal, slate, and wood planters today to find the perfect one for your home.