Silk Trees

A Decorative Silk Tree Brings Life to Any Space

If you are in love with the idea of bringing vitality and vibrancy to your favorite spaces but know that taking care of real plants is too much of a hassle in your busy schedule, a decorative silk tree is exactly the solution you are looking for. Here at Lovely Vases, we offer potted silk trees that you can use throughout your home, office or workspace to make any space more homey and comfortable. A living tree is a big commitment; not only is it an expensive investment, it requires a level of care that you might find inconvenient or overwhelming. Our artificial trees are beautiful and realistic enough to easily add beauty to any space. Shop now!

Enjoy the Beauty of an Artificial Areca Palm Tree

We are happy to offer you a huge variety of indoor decorative trees that you can use throughout your home. These natural looking fake trees range in size from compact and practical to larger and more impactful so you can select the right size for your space. A silk bamboo tree in planter is a wonderful addition to your home office, your living room or any other space that needs a splash of natural color and life. An artificial Areca palm tree brings the joy of the beach right into your home or work space with no effort at all. These artificial plants are fully arranged and beautiful, ready to be placed anywhere in your home or workspace.